Kai Zhang

I am a PhD student at Cornell University/Cornell Tech, where I am very fortunate to work with Prof. Noah Snavely. Before PhD, I did my undergraduate in Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University.

In the past, I feel lucky to have worked with Prof. Qifeng Chen at HKUST.

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I'm broadly interested in 3D-related computer vision research, including reconstruction, depth sensing, computational photography, etc.

Depth Sensing Beyond LiDAR Range
Kai Zhang, Jiaxin Xie, Noah Snavely, Qifeng Chen
CVPR, 2020  
arxiv / project page /

We propose a novel cost-effective camera-based solution to sense the depth of distant objects that are not reachable by typical LiDARs. This can be particularly helpful for heavily-weighted autonomous trucks.

Leveraging Vision Reconstruction Pipelines for Satellite Imagery
Kai Zhang, Jin Sun, Noah Snavely
ICCV 3DRW Workshop, 2019  
arxiv / supplement / project page / code

We approximate RPC cameras in the satelite domain with perspective cameras, and adapt general-purpose vision reconstruction pipelines (SfM+MVS) such that they can also process satellite images with competitive accuracy and increased scalability.


Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Computer Vision, 2020 Spring

Head Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Computer Vision, 2019 Spring

This website is heavily borrowed from Dr. Jon Barron's personal page.